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Service: Outcall Added: Oct 3, 2010 by: G-Man

There are many escorts, there are some good escorts, but Holly is one of those Great escorts. She's beautiful to look at, so intelligent to talk with, and she really does give the best girlfriend experience I have ever had.


Service: Added: Sep 20, 2010 by: Xyz

just met Coco over the past weekend.
had a great time. never had such a comofort level before with anyone in the past. she is the best


Service: Added: Sep 10, 2010 by: Mike

I have now seen this lovely lady 3 times and will do so again, she was very very eager to fulfil my special needs. She is wonderfully engaging to chat to while you quiely just lay together...

Never does she rush you, never does she clock watch, never does she look the other way she looks and smiles with you that in fact makes your smile lasts several months afterwards she really does look better than her pictures.
I lover her to bits


Service: Outcall Added: Sep 2, 2010 by: M

simply the best .......
thank you so much Miss V


Service: Outcall Added: Aug 22, 2010 by: Rt

Lily, a beautiful sexy classy lady who engages with you in the most natural way and makes you feel relaxed from the moment you meet. Her bedroom relaxation techniques are something to experience and I found myself on a level of ecstasy second to none. Thank you Lulu . Love R X


Service: Outcall Added: Aug 13, 2010 by: N

With Lulu 's busy life, it look longer than normal to arrange this date. But OH BOY, what a date it was. She is stunning, sexy and so intelligent! I was mesmerized by her from the moment she walked through my door. I will be counting the minutes before my next date with her!


Service: Added: Jul 31, 2010 by: Eric

Wow, what could I say to describe this amazing talented young lady!
My next date is already arranged! Can't wait to see you again babe...
E xxx


Service: Added: Apr 12, 2010 by: Micky the Shaker
A young relative of mine recently asked me where heaven was. The thought that immediately came to mind was Asaki ’s apartment, but discretion forbade me from saying this, but heaven is anywhere that Asaki happens to be with me.

From the second that I walk into her apartment, the smiles and the warmth that exudes from Asaki engulfs me so completely that all my senses believe it is actually heaven, and she makes me immediately feel “ten feet tall.”

I am a very average sort of person, but one of Asaki ’s many qualities is that she makes me feel very special indeed and I know she is honest, genuine and virtuous.

An object of sheer beauty is never plentiful, and this is why it is rare to find such a lady as gorgeous as Asaki .

I once prayed to the Good Lord for water and he gave me an ocean, I prayed for a flower and he gave me a garden, I prayed for a tree and he gave me a forest, I prayed for an angel and he gave me Asaki
People come into our lives disguised as angels, and angels come into our lives disguised as people. Asaki is certainly the latter.

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where I go, I shall always take a little of you everywhere. You took a long time to find, you are difficult to leave and it will be impossible to ever forget you.

See you again real soon
Lots of love



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